W H E R E   I T   A L L   B E G A N . . .

QW06-8434-MARTIN emailHorses have always been my passion. I grew up on a horse farm in Canal Winchester, Ohio and started riding before I could even walk. When we were old enough, my parents encouraged my brother, Richard, and I to be a part of our local 4-H club. After a couple years in 4-H we decided that I was ready for more of a challenge. In 1993, I began showing on the American Quarter Horse Association circuit with my palomino, Seven S Cagney. That same year I qualified to represent the Eastern Ohio Quarter Horse Youth Association’s NYATT Congress Team. In 1996 it was time to change horses. With the help of Dan Trein, my parents bought me my next horse, Impressed Pleasure. “Nick” and I won several year end Ohio awards as well as some Top Ten in the Nation standings. When 2000 came around, Bruce and Sue Ellen Vickery convinced my parents that my next horse had to be Traditional Zippo. In only a year and a half, “Gilbert” and I earned a Reserve World Championship, an AQHA High Point Championship, and almost ten Congress Top Ten awards. “Gilbert” was sold at the end of 2001. Little did I know my next horse would be the one that would change my life forever. At the Florida Gold Coast in 2002 I test rode a very exotic, very young thoroughbred named A Certified Edition, aka “Winston.” I remember Bruce stopping me during my ride to tell me to, “quit smiling so much. You are going to make it hard to negotiate the price.”

winston,1710-2513webIn 2003, Winnie and I won our first AQHA World Championship. Since then Winston has won an AQHA High Point Championship, seven more World Championships, four Reserve World Championships, eleven Congress Championships and over 17 NSBA High Point Awards. In 2008, Winston and I became the All Time Leading AQHA Point Earner in Amateur Hunter Under Saddle. I often tell people that Winnie and I are like peanut butter and jelly. They are both good separately, but they are just so much better when they are together. After many successful years together, Winston is happily enjoying retirement and being spoiled by my kids. What can I say, a love for Winston runs in the family.

H O W   I T   A L L   S T A R T E D . . .

I began my college career as a student of Equine Studies at Wilmington College in 2002. After being bored out of my mind for a year I decided to get crazy and change my major to Communication Arts. I first picked up a camera in college as a requirement for one of my communication classes. As it turned out, being behind the camera came naturally to me. I ended up taking serveral photography and design classes as part of my major. After graduating from Wilmington College, I went to work for a photography studio to broaden and improve my knowledge of the craft. There I helped design sets and take photos. I also took charge of all the graphic design aspects of the studio. In 2006 I stepped out on my own and created Certified Images. Now, I strive to embrace my clients’ dreams and turn them into realities. I have been extremely blessed with amazing clients and awesome projects. I hope I will get the chance to create something for you.


W H E R E   O N E   B E C A M E   T W O . . .

martinMM2Chris met Kristin on her first day at Wilmington College in 2002.  They dated throughout college and got married shortly after graduation in 2005.  It wasn’t until 2011 that Chris joined the Certified Images team.  His responsibilities at CI include building websites, billing, and assisting at photo shoots.  With Chris as the lead website developer, our website development abilities have increased dramatically.  Highly advanced functions are now used on all of our websites and clients are now able to update their own websites, thanks to him.  He has taken his knowledge of website development and experience from attending horse shows with Kristin to create a cutting edge website to assist horse show managers, trainers, and exhibitors with their reservations called HorseShowNerd.com.


P A R T Y   O F   F I V E ,  P L E A S E . . .


Chris and Kristin not only have the privilege of working as a team professionally, but also personally while raising their three beautiful children.  They have three year old twin boys, Blake & Brady, and welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Aubrey, in 2014.  Besides work and family time, they enjoy being a part of the Ohio Amateur Quarter Horse Association where they are both on The Buckeye Classic Horse Show Committee.

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Kristin & Chris